The University of Mary Adds Cal Noonan

January 6, 2022 4:00 PM

Cal Noonan, who joined GLC at 15u, is set to head to the University of Mary in Bismarck, North Dakota, at the conclusion of the 2022 season.

The left-hander will join former GLC catcher Tyrus Barclay and GLC alum Ethan Baptie at UMary and is excited to do so.

"UMary was a good fit for me because it has familiar GLC alumni faces currently at the school with Ty Barclay who now is an assistant coach, and Ethan Baptie who is in his junior year. It is a school where I believe I can start as a freshman and win some titles while doing so," stated Noonan.

The London, Ont. native looks forward to the experience south of the border travelling and playing baseball.

Noonan noted, "the two things that I most look forward to going into college is the independence and travelling. I am excited to see all of the states while playing my favourite sport. I also look forward to seeing how I adapt to being far away from home and strengthening myself as a player and a person.

This off-season, Noonan looks to refine his secondary offerings and add velocity, noting, "my goals this off season are to increase my fastball velocity and really fine-tune my off speed pitches.

"My goals and expectations for myself are to get bigger and stronger every year both in the classroom and in the weight room. I want to graduate from UMary with a good degree and see where this game can take me."

Noonan spoke about the impact GLC has had on him on and off the field, stating, "GLC has tremendously impacted my career from a baseball standpoint and a character standpoint. It has taught me work ethic, communication, and independence."

Pitching Coordinator, Shane Davis stated, “Cal always had a smile on his face from his first tryout to now when you see him."

“He’s the lefty that will throw three pitches for strikes and he’s always upped his game when he has faced better competition in the past. The more he continues to grow in his pitch ability and get outs the better his collegiate career will be”

Noonan's advice for future GLC players; "my advice for younger up and coming GLC players is to live in the moment and always remember it's just a game so keep your head up. I wouldn't change this experience for the world, I've met some life long friends from GLC and you will too," said Cal Noonan, 2022 GLC Grad.

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