Trust your gut instinct

“Back in February of 2007, we asked our son if he would like us to sign him up for baseball.

Jumping forward to when he was 16, a similar question was posed back to us as parents: would Austin like to be a Great Lake Canadian?  Take a guess at what our response was.

For parents looking to take their son to the next level all you have to do is trust your gut instinct. Take the drive to London and enter Centrefield Sports – where the staff and the coaches love baseball. The dark green turf, the meshes, the bullpens and batting cages, the weight room; the passion and professionalism is all there. Then, take the drive to Dorchester and check out their home field, Field of Dreams (and yes, there is a cornfield nearby).  You will see the care and pride that goes into making that place a true baseball diamond – the grass and clay, the lines and the edge work – all meticulous. Speak to the moms and dads already involved – you will soon hear why they are there, how happy that they did so and how much their perspective has changed about what baseball in Canada is all about.

The coaches are much respected; their ties to the game are rooted deeply all over the continent. Working with the principals involved with Tournament 12, with the Canadian Junior National Team program, with Canadian and US baseball/ academic programs, the opportunities will come because the Great Lake Canadians organization has developed the reputation to easily maintain those connections. 

Indeed, those in charge of the Great Lake Canadian are true builders of baseball – for prospective players and for Canada.

Importantly, the Great Lake Canadian organization sees us parents as ‘builders’ too. They understand what it means to make the commitment to have the game taken to another level and will be as patient as necessary so that your and your son’s love of baseball does remain forever strong.

So, we trusted our gut instinct and less than two years later we have been utterly amazed by the impact that the Great Lake Canadians made on our son’s development as a baseball player and as a young man. We can say with 100% conviction that with dedication and trust those next levels can and will be made available for your son.

And then your future testimonial will attest to that as well.”

– Family of former GLC pitcher/current Pittsburgh Pirates minor leaguer Austin Shields, Dundas, Ontario