Trust the process

“‘Trust the process’ is a term baseball parents in the elite baseball world hear often! The GLC staff put truth behind this 100%. We have been so lucky to watch our son’s growth on and off the field! The experiences of the GLC staff helped Dalton pick the perfect fit for baseball and education, and be 100% ready for it! He is thriving in Kansas and is still in communication with his GLC coaches, either for advice or a congratulations on a good game!  Their dedication to the players doesn’t end when you leave, it’s like a family and a place to come back to!  Watching the players encourage each other after they have all gone their seperate ways says a lot about the journey they have had together! We want to thank all of the GLC staff for having a top notch program and giving Dalton the tools and confidence to succeed! A special thanks to Chris Robinson and Adam Arnold for continuing to be great mentors even from a distance!”

– Todd & Kim Harvey, Cambridge, Ontario