Couldn’t be in better hands

“There can come a time when, as a parent, you realize that you have some competition for your child’s attention and respect.

For much of the first part of their lives, you played a huge, and perhaps even exclusive role when it came to advising, counselling and mentoring your son or daughter. 

There was nothing you didn’t appear to know – you were in fact the person with all of the answers – and for a time they actually believed that – which of course all changed the minute they became teenagers, at which point you went from the all-seeing, al-knowing oracle to someone who did not have a clue!

As they get older, and their circle of friends and acquaintances grows with them, and in particular if they get into organized sports at a high level as was the case here – that all changes – and let me tell you, for a control freak like me – that can be a scary day.

The realization that things were about to change hit me right between the eyes when Michael became involved with the Great Lake Canadian program – and while at first I was somewhat reluctant to relinquish what I would call my “parental” control over this aspect of his life, fortunately it didn’t take long to realize that he could not have been in better hands.

And while I might not miss the two or three trips to London from Fonthill every week – with me driving and Michael sleeping most of the way – well maybe I do at that –we have never looked back.

I soon came to realize that this extremely well-run, professional program was staffed by an array of incredibly dedicated individuals, who at all times put the players and their families first.

There was never a time when these coaches were not available to provide advice and guidance to both players and parents in all aspects of the sport, including such things as talent development, exposure to NCAA, D-1 schools, Tournament 12, MLB scouting the Canadian Junior National Team – and the list goes on.

The Great Lake Canadian coaches were now “the guys” with all of the answers – and thank God for that because I sure didn’t have a clue what was going on most of the time! 

In my book, not only are they great coaches and role models, but perhaps more importantly – great human beings – and every player and parent in this program is better off for having known them. 

In closing, I would like to thank each and every one of the coaches for making my son and his teammates not only better ball players, but better people as well – which is something that will serve them well once the final out is recorded.”

– Family of Michael Brettell, Fonthill, Ontario