Derek Bloomfield

Derek Bloomfield

15U Black Manager - Infield/Hitting Instructor

Newly-appointed 15U manager Derek Bloomfield has spent every season up to 2018 as a rover with the Great Lake Canadians program, helping out at every level, and has become an incredibly valued member of the organization in addition to making contributions on and off the field in his hometown of Strathroy, as well as working as an associate scout for the Kansas City Royals. 

Growing up, Bloomfield played minor baseball in Strathroy until he was 17 years old, and as an 18-year-old joined the Lower Great Lakes Baseball Academy Seahawks, where one of his coaches was fellow GLC staffer Kirk Barclay. From there he went to Macomb College in Michigan, Hill College in Texas, and then signed at Concordia University in Alabama. 

From there, he began his professional career with the Cook County Cheetahs of the independent Frontier League. Signing with the Cheetahs was one of the highlights of Bloomfield’s playing career, along with attending the National Junior College Athletic Association World Series. His fondest memories also come from the days he spent playing under his late father Wayne, learning from and spending time with his dad. 

After playing with the London Majors upon returning home, Bloomfield ventured into coaching because of his desire to help the next generation of players in the same ways he learned from his coaches. As a student of the game, he wants to be able to transfer his knowledge to those he continues to work with. He first became involved in Strathroy minor baseball and helped the organization move into the more competitive side of the game, as well as managing the Strathroy Royals senior team. He also coached one year with the Seahawks after playing for them years earlier. He got his start with Great Lake just months after the program’s inception. 

Because of his dedication to the Strathroy baseball community, in 2017, Bloomfield had a hitting tunnel in the local community named for his father, with a plaque of special appreciation naming him on its side. He was also given a Medal of Distinction from the Municipality of Strathroy-Caradoc in recognition of his community engagement and volunteerism. 

One of Bloomfield’s favourite parts of coaching is being able to see success from his players on the field. He knows that it’s one thing to be able to come in and teach or instruct, but he enjoys when he sees a player gain from what something he explained or tried to teach. He loves seeing a player walk out of the facility knowing they got better that day. He aims to be someone players can relate to and hopes to point them in the right direction. 

He enjoys the Great Lake program because he believes it is one of the more classy, professional programs anyone could work with. He is humbled to work with a group like the Canadians staff and prides himself in being surrounded by good people, and knows everyone in the GLC program is in that boat.