Zack Stylianou Commits to Dawson Community College

On the first day of the new year, right-hander Zack Stylianou announced his commitment to Dawson Community College in Glendive, Montana. 

Stylianou joined GLC for his 16u year and is thankful for his time with the organization, stating, “GLC has impacted my career in a way I can’t thank them enough for… they helped nurture the hard work and competitiveness traits I had in myself. I have grown as a player and a man in this program. It showed me what a family is and what I’ll definitely be looking for in my career with future teams.”

His time with GLC was integral in leading him to Dawson Community College, a school that “checked off many boxes.”

“I truly believed DCC was a good fit because when me and the coach had our talks everything that was said checked the boxes I had for post secondary. Small school, great group of guys with exciting talent, and a great coach… there really wasn’t a hesitation for me,” Stylianou said.

“I’ve been playing baseball for this sole purpose for a decent amount of time now; the fact I get to be one of the athletes who gets to move on and experience college ball is such an honour and blessing to me.”

Under the current environment, with Covid causing a lockdown throughout the province, Stylianou has maximized the use of what’s available to him in order to get his work in. He noted, “Covid has definitely provided some interesting obstacles with training. In this time, I have definitely improved my mental toughness and have used the equipment I have at home to workout as best as I can.”

“There are so many little things athlete’s can be doing and using this time to improve their self and skill level.”

When asked about Stylianou, GLC Pitching Coordinator, Jon Fitzsimmons stated, “Zack’s motor doesn’t turn off. He’s an extremely coachable and self-motivated individual who’s always looking for ways to improve and understand pitching in his own way. I’m excited to work with him even more this year to prepare him for the next level. I look forward to the day he harnesses his ability to achieve success in a unique way and I’m excited to see how far he can take himself in the game of baseball.”

The right-hander credits his parents for helping him get to this point, recognizing their efforts in allowing him to chase his dream. “Even when things got tough my folks were always there in one way or another to make sure I remembered why I was doing this. They inspired me to continue to work hard every time I stepped on that field. I saw the sacrifice they made for me everyday whether it was financially or their time. It helped my drive to make it all worth it.”

His advice for the next crop of GLC players:

“My advice to upcoming GLC players would be to USE the resources the coaches provide to help. Listen to them as they know what they are doing. Continue to work hard every day and to make sure they have a drive or motivation to step out on the field or turf and give it their all every time. Nurture that drive, listen to your coaches and I promise you will make tremendous strides for yourself and your career,” said Zack Stylianou, 2021 GLC Grad.