Updates from GLC’s 2020 Class

GLC’s class of 2020 is just about wrapping up their first semester at school south of the border. Under the unique circumstances, their experiences have been different than expected; however, each player expressed enjoyment when asked about their first taste of college this fall. 

Below are updates from the ten 2020 GLC graduates; Tyler Hinrikus, Josh Niles, Matt Duffy, Nicholas George, Tyler Mosher, Blake Jacklin, Greg Ross, Nick Thibodeau, Caelan Cunningham and Teddy Brimblecomb.

Tyler Hinrikus – 2 years with GLC

“My experience so far at school has been far from what I expected, but I’ve loved it. I’ve had to quarantine due to those around me testing positive for Covid as well as when I first got here. Besides that, I’ve had a great time and have had a ton of fun with the guys. We started workouts a few weeks into classes and shortly after that were able to move into individuals with minimal numbers due to a huge Covid outbreak. We eventually got into 20 hours a week with team practices. We scrimmaged twice a week, which was extended to 12-16 innings usually. We’ve closed the fall back in 8 hour weeks with individuals, and 5 am team lifts and conditioning.”

Josh Niles – 5 years with GLC

“My experience at Canisius was amazing this fall. It’s almost impossible not to get better in a setting like College baseball. Practice six days a week, mix in a few intrasquads as well. We were one of the last teams in our conference to be allowed to practice because we had no more than one positive case at a time. The weather helped us out a bunch as well, and we were able to get out on the field the latest in the year in school history. I personally had a pretty good fall. Obviously, the transition from high school pitching to college pitching was hard because it got significantly better. I struggled in the beginning but found a groove and ran with it until the end of the fall. I saw definite progress in the weight room as well and hope to carry that into the off-season here and CFS.”

Matt Duffy – 3 years with GLC

“My experience at Canisius has been pretty pleasant so far. Being on a smaller campus in the big city of Buffalo, it’s nice that the furthest walk to anywhere is to the baseball diamond, which is only around 15 minutes. I’ve been able to meet many new people, not just teammates at baseball, but some new friends from around campus. Schoolwork has been pretty laid back so far because my six courses are 50/50 online and in-class. I’d say i’m succeeding on that side of school, which is great being a freshman and being able to start off right in my college career. Baseball-wise, we have actually been able to do quite a lot even with Covid restrictions in place. We started out having practices three times a week, then boosting it to five. We have also boosted our lifts from two to three as well. We’ve been able to intrasquad, and being a pitcher i’ve had the chance to throw several live innings every week. In those innings I’ve faired well and have been able to show the coaches that I can be an asset moving forward.”

Nicholas George – 4 years with GLC

“My experience here at William Penn has been amazing. With it being a small campus and school, I have gotten to meet so many people here. Also, the professors here are super understanding and want to see all of us succeed, and will often provide extra help and guidance when students need it. My fall season with the baseball team consisted of many intrasquad games. This was great to really get to know the guys and establish myself on the team. It was a really great fall season that ended with our own World Series.”

Tyler Mosher – 5 years with GLC

“Davenport has been great so far, training with the seniors and working with the coaches has already proven to be great for the development of myself. I have been working with the coaches at Davenport already really doubling down on making sure my hitting is were it needs to be to face the college pitchers.”

Blake Jacklin – 4 years with GLC

“So far, my time in Davenport has been a lot of fun. Living/playing with Tyler Mosher has been great. It made me a lot more comfortable going into the school year, and we are able to motivate one another. Baseball is super competitive, and I’m really enjoying being able to play everyday. We were able to have a fairly normal fall, minus a two-week halt at the end of September, for Covid reasons. We played all the way into the second week of November. On the field 5x a week, weight room 3x a week in the fall. Currently at home now due to covid/thanksgiving.”

Greg Ross – 2 years with GLC 

“So far, I’ve loved it, met a bunch of new guys, and the team is great. Everyone has great attitudes and I’m excited for the spring. We were allowed to practice every day, only played about eight games, but played a lot of inter-squad games. We got our work in for sure.”

Nick Thibodeau – 1 year with GLC

“My experience has been amazing so far. At the start, it was a little difficult coming from not practicing every day to practicing every day for hours in the heat which was difficult, but after a while, I got used to it. The schools surrounding are a lot different from back in Canada, but something about the city has a really good feeling. The other players on the team are very good people and fun to be around, even though school was online, we were still able to make good fun of what we had. As a baseball team, we have been able to do a lot, we are able to practice and do extra work whenever we want and have been able to put up a lot of run with the games we were able to play in the fall.”

Caelan Cunningham – 5 years with GLC

“My experience at Lourdes has been great, couldn’t be happier. I have created many new friends, on and off the baseball field. The baseball team looks great. I think we’re going to have a really good season this year. The school has lots of events, that are really fun to participate in with friends, such as Spikeball Tournaments, Ping Pong. Overall on the team, I feel I have been accepted into the family there, that’s what we are, a family. Everyone’s got each other’s backs; everyone’s there for each other.

Teddy Brimblecomb – 2 years with GLC

“Albion was a great fit for me because it checked almost all the boxes when I was looking at schools. It is a very competitive program, which puts together a winning record most years, and the coaching staff is great. Academically it has a strong kinesiology program and also has small class sizes, which is great for me. We’ve been able to practice for most of the fall, although for the first month, it was only small group practices. There are still a lot of restrictions in place, such as mandatory masks during practice and not being able to be in the weight room as a team, but the team was still able to have a somewhat normal fall.”

We wish these ten former GLC players continued success during the rest of their first year of college.