Kyle Maves named 2018 GLC organizational MVP

Among the 25 players honoured by the Great Lake Canadians as the 2018 award winners for their accomplishments throughout the season is Kyle Maves, selected as the year’s Organizational Most Valuable Player. 

Selecting the finalists for the Great Lake awards was difficult for the Canadians staff, but also a rewarding look back at the achievements of its teams and players from throughout a successful season that saw Maves make contributions to the program on and off the field in his final year with the organization.

“The organizational Most Valuable Player to a lot of people would be the best player on the field,” GLC director of baseball operations Chris Robinson said. “Kyle was definitely the best player on the field for the majority of the season and a strong portion of his career here.

“All the things that made Kyle a really good amateur player – that made him a really good Great Lake Canadian – are the same things that are going to make him a really good college player and hopefully professional player someday. It’s his willingness to buy in, his willingness to work, and he really took advantage of what he had here, with the coaching staff, the facility, and his teammates.

“And he was one of the best teammates we’ve ever had. He brought the best out of everyone around him. When you put all that together, coupled with his on-field stuff, that’s a Most Valuable Player to me, and a Most Valuable Person. He’s an impressive kid for what he did here.”

Maves – currently playing at Quinnipiac University – ranked among Canadian Premier Baseball League leaders hitting .429/.533/.633 with 42 hits, including six doubles, four triples, two homers and 21 RBI, adding 32 runs scored and 21 walks in 31 league games. In 51 total matchups throughout the year, he finished .383/.474/.543 with 62 hits, eight doubles, six triples and 28 RBI, with 45 runs scored and 27 walks.

“The organizational MVP obviously does end up looking in the statistical columns, but as much as it does that, it’s also about what the player contributes to the program,” 18U manager Adam Stern said. “It’s someone who exemplifies accountability, being a good teammate, someone who works hard, goes above and beyond, and really is a leader and someone who the younger players can look up to.

“Kyle really embodied all of that. He showed up every day to play, he contributed, he worked hard, he set good examples, and he really produced on the field. He was one of the spark plugs on the team, and when you saw him play you wanted people to come watch him play.

“He’s one of those guys who are considered throwback-type players, but it’s really what we try to have with Great Lake, and what it’s all about – playing hard, day in and day out. He came with a great attitude and put maximum effort in every day.”

While there were many candidates considered for the awards, and the decisions were tough for the Great Lake staff to make, the organization is incredibly proud to honour Maves as a member of the 2018 awards class and recognize his impressive achievements throughout the year.