Adam Shoemaker Commits to St. John’s University

Adam Shoemaker, a 6-foot-6 left-handed pitcher from Cambridge, Ont. is committed to St. John’s University for 2021. 

Shoemaker joined GLC in the fall of 2018 and has since developed immensely. While speaking about GLC’s impact on his development, the lefty acknowledged GLC Pitching Coordinator’s Shane Davis and Jon Fitzsimmons.

“Being part of GLC has had a huge impact on my career. When I started at GLC, I was definitely a work-in-progress. Learning from all of the GLC coaches the importance of working hard both on and off the field and, in particular, working closely with Shane [Davis] and Jon [Fitzsimmons] to develop my pitching mechanics were key factors in preparing me to perform in front of college scouts.”

“Importantly, the support and great advice from Chris [Robinson] were really beneficial in helping me work through the recruiting process,” said Shoemaker.

The recruiting process concluded with a commitment to St. John’s in July, a program that stood out to Shoemaker due to the academics, the on-field success and the coaching staff. He noted, “importantly, the coaches are very good and the pitching coach [George Brown] has a solid reputation for developing lefty pitchers. I believe he will help me develop into the best pitcher I can be.”

“I look forward to meeting new people, playing against high level competition, developing as a player, and getting to experience life in New York City.”

During COVID, Shoemaker has made strides in the kitchen and the weight room in an effort to fill out his 6-foot-6 frame. 

“I have been able to improve my diet and really focus on getting bigger and stronger. Luckily, I’ve had access to weight training equipment at home and guidance from GLC during periods of lockdown and this, combined with more time to plan my meals, has helped me gain a lot of healthy weight,” he said.

Pitching Coordinator Jon Fitzsimmons had this to say about the lefty; “every time we see Shoe he grows an extra inch and adds another 5 lbs. The more he adapts to his frame the more we see him pitch with power and extension. He’s got a promising future ahead of him. It’s going to be fun to watch him develop further throughout college and beyond.”

The highlight of his time with GLC thus far was the fall trip in 2019, a memorable experience both on and off the field. He stated, “it was a great opportunity to tour a bunch of schools in the US and to experience the next level of play. The best part, though, was the fun I had from travelling with my teammates.”

Shoemaker’s advice for younger GLC players centers around hard work, especially in the classroom; “My advice for up-and-coming GLC players is to always work just as hard off the field as on the field, in both the weight room and in the classroom.”

“Be sure to make the most of your workout sessions during the off season as the strength you gain can have big impacts on your game next season. And keeping your marks up in school is really important if you hope to pursue a baseball scholarship at college or university – schools have a limited amount of athletic money, and it can definitely set you ahead of another potential recruit if part of your scholarship offer can be funded with academic money,” said Adam Shoemaker, 2021 GLC Grad.