Great Lake Canadians Alumni

MLB Draft Picks

Player Position Year Drafted
Eric Cerantola RHP 2021 Kansas City Royals - 5th Round
Calvin Ziegler RHP 2021 New York Mets - 2nd Round
Max Wright C 2021 San Francisco Giants (FA)
Adam Shoemaker LHP 2021 Atlanta Braves - 11th Round
Jordan Marks RHP 2021 Detroit Tigers - 9th Round
Matt Warkentin 1B 2021 Chicago Cubs (FA)
Noah Skirrow RHP 2020 Philadelphia Phillies (FA)
Owen Diodati C 2019 Toronto Blue Jays - 29th Round
Noah Myers OF 2019 Toronto Blue Jays - 30th Round
Michael Brettell RHP 2018 St. Louis Cardinals - 15th Round
Eric Cerantola RHP 2018 Tampa Bay Rays - 30th Round
Adam Hall SS 2017 Baltimore Orioles - 2nd Round
Tristan Clarke OF 2016 Washington Nationals - 30th Round
Austin Shields RHP 2016 Pittsburgh Pirates - 33rd Round
Jake Wilson OF 2016 Boston Red Sox - 39th Round
Nick Hamilton OF 2015 Boston Red Sox - 11th Round
Miles Gordon OF 2015 Cincinnati Reds - 4th Round

University/College Commitments

Player Position Class College Division
Dylan O’Rae INF 2022 University of Illinois D1
Caleb Clark LHP/IF 2022 University of Nebraska D1
Nick Groves INF/C 2022 Niagara University D1
Curtis McKay INF/OF 2022 Kankakee CC JUCO
Ben Morrison INF 2022 Indiana Tech University NAIA
Tanner Dawe RHP 2021 Howard CC JUCO
Zack Stylianou RHP 2021 Dawson CC JUCO
Aaron Rutherford RHP 2021 Monroe CC JUCO
Riley Silva OF 2021 Barton CC JUCO
Evan Morrison INF 2021 University of Waterloo CIS
Aaron Duffy RHP 2021 Canisius College D1
Brendan Wilkinson RHP 2021 Virginia Commonwealth D1
Caden Turnbull OF 2021 Ventura College JUCO
Drew Lawrence OF 2021 Bossier Parrish CC JUCO
Dre Amaral INF 2021 Bossier Parrish CC JUCO
Jordan Spring RHP 2021 Bossier Parrish CC JUCO
Julio Vasquez C/INF 2021 Howard CC JUCO
Kaden Gray Catcher 2021 Cowley CC JUCO
Core Jackson INF 2021 University of Nebraska D1
Adam Shoemaker LHP 2021 St. John's University D1
Jack Hourahine INF 2021 Western Nebraska CC JUCO
RJ Mayor OF 2021 Mineral Area CC JUCO
Jacob Gajic LHP 2021 Northwestern Missouri State University D2
Braedan MacDonald OF 2021 Kankakee CC JUCO
Ben Roberts INF/RHP 2021 USC - Upstate D1
Calvin Ziegler RHP 2021 Auburn University D1
Daniel Goulet RHP 2021 Niagara County Community College JUCO
Tyrone Barbosa C 2021 Lakeland CC JUCO
Nicholas George 1B/RHP 2020 Willam & Penn University NAIA
Justin Philp RHP 2020 Madonna University NAIA
Greg Ross RHP 2020 Howard CC JUCO
Tyler Hinrikus INF 2020 Ball State University D1
Teddy Brimblecomb RHP 2020 Albion College D3
Tyler Mosher INF 2020 Davenport University D2
Caelan Cunningham OF 2020 Lourdes University NAIA
Josh Niles INF 2020 Canisius College D1
Jett Jarvis OF 2020 McGill University CIS
Matt Duffy RHP 2020 Canisius College D1
Blake Jacklin OF 2020 Davenport University D2
Nick Thibodeau Catcher 2020 Howard College JUCO
Brian Zapp INF 2019 Miami Ohio University D1
Owen Diodati C 2019 University of Alabama D1
Ryan Faragher C 2019 Wabash Valley JUCO
Noah Myers OF 2019 University of South Carolina D1
Tye Imeson INF 2019 Salem University D2
Lawson Burnett INF 2019 Northwoods University D2
Evan Wilcox RHP 2019 Rend Lake CC JUCO
Spencer Marcus OF 2019 Niagara University D1
Eric Martin OF 2019 Indiana State University D1
Corben Peters RHP 2019 Grambling State University D1
Ethan Baptie OF 2019 Dodge City CC JUCO
Christian Coombes LHP 2019 St. Peter's University D1
Garner Spoljaric RHP 2019 Stetson University D1
Jacob Douglas RHP 2019 Ft. Hays University D2
Jonathan Burkhart RHP 2019 Campbell University D1
Jacob Gajic LHP 2019 Highland CC JUCO
Jackson Wahl C 2019 Bethel University NAIA
Adrian O’Toole OF 2019 Medaille College D3
Alex Orenczuk OF 2019 University of Louisiana - Alexandria NAIA
Daniel Warkentin INF 2019 Eastern Michigan D1
Jameson Hart OF 2019 William Penn University NAIA
Matt Jenkins OF 2018 Harvard University D1
Kyle Maves INF 2018 Quinnipiac University D1
Tyrus Barclay Catcher 2018 Emporia State University D2
Eric Cerantola RHP 2018 Mississippi State D1
Cam Sanderson INF 2018 University of British Columbia NAIA
Cal Theal RHP 2018 Niagara University D1
Jacob Schuurman RHP 2018 Calvin College D3
Eric Lindsay RHP 2018 Central Missouri University D2
Brock Ryan RHP 2018 Wilfrid Laurier University CIS
Brett Corbeth C/RHP 2018 University of British Columbia NAIA
Griffin Hassall RHP 2018 Kansas State University D1
Kian Bukala INF 2018 University of Indianapolis D2
Michael MacDougall RHP 2018 University of Indianapolis D2
Jason Boulanger LHP 2018 Rend Lake Community College JUCO
Ryan Douglas RHP 2018 Laurier University CIS
Spencer Marcus OF 2018 Dodge City CC JUCO
Dallas Hunter RHP 2018 Cuyahoga CC JUCO
Ian Jordan C 2018 Lakeland CC JUCO
Adam Hall SS 2017 Texas A & M University D1
Will Bibbings 3B 2017 Laurier University CIS
Brett Stenger RHP 2017 Eastern Michigan University D1
Brett Reid RHP 2017 Okanagan College CIS
Mitchell Stemerdink RHP 2017 Southwest Baptist University D2
Isaac Deveaux OF 2017 University of Utah D1
Noah Skirrow RHP 2017 Liberty University D1
Daniel Warkentin INF 2017 Parkland CC JUCO
Jacob Douglas RHP 2017 Garden City CC JUCO
Jordan Marks RHP 2017 USC Upstate D1
Jameson Hart OF/RHP 2017 Indian Hills CC JUCO
Jonathan Burkhart RHP 2017 Heartland CC JUCO
Noah Myers OF 2017 Wabash Valley CC JUCO
Justin Snow RHP 2017 Southeastern CC JUCO
Jake English RHP 2017 Dodge City CC JUCO
Corben Peters RHP 2017 Cloud County CC JUCO
Matt Warkentin INF/OF/LHP 2017 Xavier University D1
Alex Orenczuk OF 2017 Colby CC JUCO
Kyle Taran 1B 2017 Bryant & Stratton CC - WI JUCO
Tyler Whalen RHP 2017 Dodge City CC JUCO
Dalton Harvey RHP 2017 Illinois State University D1
Garner Spoljaric RHP 2017 Heartland CC JUCO
Eric Lindsay RHP 2017 Friends University NAIA
Matt Warkentin 1B/OF/LHP 2016 Johnson County CC JUCO
Jake Wilson OF 2016 Bowling Green State University D1
Max Wright Catcher 2016 Indiana State University D1
Tyrus Barclay Catcher 2016 Garden City CC JUCO
Austin Oulds OF/RHP 2016 Southeastern CC JUCO
Zach Wilcox RHP 2016 Illinois Central CC JUCO
Austin Shields RHP 2016 University of British Columbia NAIA
Tristan Clarke OF 2016 University of New Orleans D1
Ari Sechopoulos 1B 2016 College of Charleston D1
Carter Sanderson INF 2016 Alma College D3
Michael Mommersteeg LHP 2016 Valparaiso University D1
William Da Costa INF 2016 Madonna University NAIA
Kyle Symington RHP 2016 Laurier University CIS
Eric Lindsay RHP 2016 Dodge City CC JUCO
Dallas Taylor LHP 2016 Laurier University CIS
Michael Brettell RHP 2016 Central Michigan University D1
Mat Szabo RHP 2016 Young Harris University D2
Jesse Marks RHP 2015 Adrian College D3
William Nitransky 1B 2015 University of British Columbia NAIA
Miles Gordon OF 2015 University of San Francisco D1
Nick Hamilton OF 2015 Southern University D1
Tyler Whitbread RHP 2015 Indiana State D1
Garan Stevens INF 2015 MIssouri Southern State D2
JF Garon OF 2015 Bradley University D1
Lawson Burnett INF 2015 Cuyahoga CC JUCO
Dean Angelo C/RHP 2015 Trinity College D3
Dalton Harvey RHP 2015 Dodge City CC JUCO
Zach Desa OF 2015 Cuyahoga CC JUCO
Mike Moffatt 3B/OF 2014 Northern Kentucky University D1
Mitch Bigras 1B/OF 2014 Boston College D1
Tristan Clarke OF 2014 Eastern Oklahoma JUCO
Daniel Marquez RHP 2014 Evansville University D1

Canadian National Team Members

Player Position Class
Core Jackson INF 2021
Drew Lawrence OF 2021
Caleb Clark LHP 2021
Calvin Ziegler RHP 2021
Owen Diodati C 2019
Eric Martin OF 2019
Eric Cerantola RHP 2018
Ryan Faragher C 2018
Griffin Hassall RHP 2018
Adam Hall SS 2017
Jake English RHP 2017
Lucas Parente OF 2017
Michael Brettell RHP 2016
Miles Gordon OF 2015
Tyler Whitbread RHP 2015
JF Garon OF 2015
Austin Shields RHP 2015
Mike Moffatt 3B/OF 2014
Mitch Bigras 1B/OF 2014
Tristan Clarke OF 2014
Daniel Marquez RHP 2014