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Warkentin Family

We would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you all so much for everything that you have done for Matthew & Daniel these past 4 years!  Saying “thank you” doesn’t really express our gratitude.  It is not only on the field that we watched our boys grow as players.  Centrefield Sports has become their home away from home.  You coaches have made a life long connection with both of them.   The way in which you personally dealt with them, giving them confidence, reassurance, a push when they needed it & recognizing that they are different personalities even though they are brothers is to be commended.  It has truly been our pleasure to be part of such a great organization run by such great people.  We will continue to be proud supporters of Great Lake Canadians for many years.  We wish you all the best moving forward as you continue to mold young men in a positive environment  & build the best amateur baseball program anywhere!  Thank you all so much!  

Phil & Tammy Warkentin – Leamington, Ontario

Burkhart Family (2017)

After hearing about the Great Lake Canadian organization and reading about its high caliber of coaches and the success it has had in such a short time, we were thrilled that having been invited to be part of the program Jonathan made the decision to join GLC. It’s the best decision he could have made to further his progress towards pursuing his baseball dream of a college scholarship. 

We can’t say enough good things about the people and the facilities and level of professionalism that is the Great Lake Canadians organization.

We would like to thank you for helping Jonathan reach the next step in his baseball and academic life. As parents it has been one of the best baseball experiences for us. We were always treated with the utmost respect; no question was too trivial to be answered. We saw Jonathan’s skills, work ethic and confidence grow. Jonathan has always loved baseball but GLC coaches have shown him what he is capable of. A special thanks to Chris and Adam A. for leading by example and passing on their knowledge of the game.

 If we have one regret it is that we didn’t discover GLC sooner.  The quality & professionalism of the coaches is as good as it gets, their baseball knowledge and experience is unsurpassed. They taught respect on and off the field. We saw firsthand the progress and maturity the boys gained. It’s clear why College Coaches, Scouts and M.L.B. teams are paying attention to this organization.

We are proud to say we are part of the Great Lake Canadian family and will continue to praise and promote this fine organization even though Jonathan is moving on to the next stage of his baseball life. We know Jonathan has enjoyed his 2 years with the team and the friendships he’s made while there.

Many thanks, 

Laverne and Jane Burkhart – Kitchener, Ontario

Wilson Family

We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for what you have done for our son Jake. You have taken him from a good baseball player to a professional prospect. I can see why professional scouts and college coaches say that your program is the best in Canada. We have seen first-hand your professionalism, dedication and attention to detail that has developed, not only Jake, but numerous ball players. 

To parents considering having their sons join this organization, consider yourselves lucky, this staff will develop your son into a prospect as long as he is willing to dedicate himself to working hard. Your son will be taught by ex-professional players, MLB scouts and baseball pros that have tons of baseball knowledge. You will see professional scouts and college coaches at games and practices. 

Jake’s two years with the GLC program was the best he has ever had in baseball. The staff has set him up with the ability to take his game to the next level. The coaches really care about the kids and have developed a family type atmosphere. It really showed at Jakes game when all of the coaches shed a tear when saying  their goodbyes! The two hour and forty-five minute drive, one way, was worth every minute!! We look forward to being a part of the Alumni and watching this program grow and produce professional ball players.

Thanks again for everything..

Brent and Kathy Wilson

Shields Family

Back in February of 2007 we asked our son if he would like us to sign him up for baseball. 
Jumping forward to when he was 16, a similar question was posed back to us as parents: would Austin like to be a Great Lake Canadian? 
Take a guess at what our response was.

For parents looking to take their son to the next level all you have to do is trust your gut instinct.
Take the drive to London and enter Centre Field Sports – the staff and the coaches love baseball.
The dark green turf, the meshes, the bullpens and batting cages, the weight room; the passion and professionalism is all there.
Then take the drive to Dorchester and check out their home field, Field of Dreams (and yes, there is a cornfield nearby). 
You will see the care and pride that goes into making that place a true baseball diamond – the grass and clay, the lines and the edge work – all meticulous.
Speak to the moms and dads already involved – you will soon hear why they are there, how happy that they did so and how much their perspective has changed about what baseball in Canada is all about.

The coaches are much respected; their ties to the game are rooted deeply all over the continent.
Working with the principals involved with Tournament 12, with the Canadian Junior National Program, with Canadian and US baseball/ academic programs, the opportunities will come because the Great Lake Canadian organization has developed the reputation to easily maintain those connections. 

Indeed, those in charge of the Great Lake Canadian are true builders of baseball – for prospective players and for Canada.

Importantly, the Great Lake Canadian organization sees us parents as ‘builders’ too.
They understand what it means to make the commitment to have the game taken to another level and will be as patient as necessary so that your and your son’s love of baseball does remain forever strong.

So, we trusted our gut instinct and less than 2 years later we have been utterly amazed by the impact that the Great Lake Canadians made on our son’s development as a baseball player and as a young man.
We can say with 100% conviction that with dedication and trust those next levels can and will be made available for your son.

And, then your future testimonial will attest to that as well.

– Shields Family – Dundas, Ontario

Brettell Family

There can come a time when, as a parent, you realize that you have some competition for your child’s attention and respect.

For much of the first part of their lives, you played a huge, and perhaps even exclusive role when it came to advising, counseling and mentoring your son or daughter. 

There was nothing you didn’t appear to know – you were in fact the person with all of the answers – and for a time they actually believed that – which of course all changed the minute they became teenagers, at which point you went from the all seeing, all knowing oracle to someone who did not have a clue!

As they get older, and their circle of friends and acquaintances grows with them, and in particular if they get into organized sports at a high level as was the case here – that all changes – and let me tell you, for a control freak like me – that can be a scary day.

The realization that things were about to change hit me right between the eyes when Michael became involved with the Great Lake Canadian program – and while at first I was somewhat reluctant to relinquish what I would call my “parental” control over this aspect of his life, fortunately it didn’t take long to realize that he could not have been in better hands.

And while I might not miss the 2 or 3 trips to London from Fonthill every week – with me driving and Michael sleeping most of the way – well maybe I do at that –we have never looked back.

I soon came to realize that this extremely well run, professional program was staffed by an array of incredibly dedicated individuals, who at all times put the players and their families first.

There was never a time when these coaches were not available to provide advice and guidance to both players and parents in all aspects of the sport, including such things as talent development, exposure to NCAA, D-1 schools, Tournament 12, MLB scouting the Canadian Junior National Team – and the list goes on.

The Great Lake Canadian coaches were now “the guys” with all of the answers – and thank God for that because I sure didn’t have a clue what was going on most of the time! 

In my book, not only are they great coaches and role models, but perhaps more importantly – great human beings – and every player and parent in this program is better off for having known them. 

In closing, I would like to thank each and every one of the coaches for making my son and his teammates not only better ball players, but better people as well – which is something that will serve them well once the final out is recorded…

Harvey Family

“Trust The Process”,  a term baseball parents in the elite baseball world hear often! The GLC staff put truth behind this 100%. We have been so lucky to watch our sons growth on and off the field! The experiences of the GLC staff helped Dalton pick the perfect fit for baseball and education, and be 100% ready for it! He is thriving in Kansas and is still in communication with his GLC coaches, either for advice or a congratulations on a good game!  Their dedication to the players doesn’t end when you leave, it’s like a family and a place to come back to!  Watching the players encourage each other after they have all gone their seperate ways, says a lot about the journey they have had together! We want to thank all of the GLC staff for having a top notch program and giving Dalton the tools and confidence to succeed! A special thanks to Chris and Adam A for continuing to be great mentors even from a distance!  Todd & Kim Harvey – Cambridge, Ontario.

Nitransky Family

There are not enough superlatives to describe the experience we enjoyed with the Great Lake Canadians.  Their attitude, skills, dedication and knowledge are outstanding. Finding a better program or staff anywhere would be a true challenge.   Not only did our son learn and enjoy, but he found life-long friends and mentors. Their excellence was a marvel from the get-go and we feel extremely privileged to have been part of the program from its inaugural year.
With their help, our son found a perfect placement for university and their continued interest in his welfare is something we find remarkable. If you are lucky enough to be invited to be part of the program, I would strongly urge you to do so.  It will be an experience for which you, like us, will be forever grateful.
Bill Nitransky & Judith Petrushko – Niagara Falls, Ontario.

Hamilton Family

Our family would like to thank the Great Lake Canadians baseball program for the role they played in our son Nicholos Hamilton being drafted. The knowledge and professionalism of the coaches and trainers was exceptional. The training, development, and guidance  Nick received as a  player with the GLC organization prepared him to play at the professional level. The off season strength and conditioning program at Centerfield Sports was second to none. They are the number one amateur baseball program in North America and as Nick’s parents we are exceptionally pleased and overjoyed with what they  accomplished with our son.  – Michelle & Chonte Hamilton – Lockport, NY

Gordon Family

Making the decision to join the Great Lake Canadians for the 2015 season, was the best decision our family has ever made.  Since joining GLC, our son became a member of the Canadian Junior National Team and was drafted in the 4th round of the 2015 MLB draft by the Cincinnati Reds – none of this would have happened without the exceptional coaching the boys receive.  Driving from Oakville to London twice a week was worth every “MILE”. – Tammy & Colin Gordon – Oakville, Ontario

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