Jordan Marks wins inaugural GLC Commitment Award

Among the 20 players honoured by the Great Lake Canadians as inaugural award winners for their accomplishments this season is the organization’s first recipient of the Commitment Award, Jordan Marks. 

The native of Brights Grove – currently in his freshman season with the Spartans at the University of South Carolina Upstate – found success not only on the field with Great Lake, but also embodied the characteristics and traits of what the organization strives to stand for and hopes to consistently achieve as it develops each individual player. 

The Canadians staff takes pride in helping develop all players into responsible young men. Professionalism, leadership, work ethic and accountability are among some of the ideals expected from GLC players on and off the field. The program’s Commitment Award is an accolade for the player who best promotes these ideals. 

“This award represents something larger than just commitment,” GLC pitching coordinator and director of college placement Adam Arnold said. “It holds a level of leadership, dedication, and professionalism that is felt throughout the organization.”

Moreover, the honour represents everything that a player isn’t asked to do, and doesn’t need to be pushed toward. 

“It’s the guy who does the work when the lights are off,” GLC director of baseball operations Chris Robinson said. “The commitment is going above and beyond, and has that leadership component. It’s the guy who doesn’t have to be asked to do the extra work, and fully gets out of the program what they put into it, and believes in it. Jordan Marks is a guy who does the work when the lights are off; when people aren’t watching.” 

Marks demonstrated all of these characteristics and more, throughout his tenure with the Canadians. 

“Jordan demonstrates this one and off the field with his relentless work ethic and competitiveness to maximize each opportunity to get better,” Arnold said. “This comes by being driven to win the day, and he strives to do this. When he was at the field with us, he built the culture, created the atmosphere amongst his peers to push themselves, and took advantage of the time to put in the work, which led them to share that same goal.

“We always talk about the difference between being a good friend and being a good teammate, and Jordan is a good teammate and is respected because of it. The way Jordan goes about his business is exactly what we stand for as an organization.”

The pitcher was a perfect choice to be the first recipient of the award. 

“Jordan Marks is the poster boy of commitment,” Robinson said. “He’s the poster boy of what we want to produce. He’s the perfect example of going out and getting it himself…Marks is a special kid. He’s a leader; he’s a really good teammate. This is the inaugural award, and really we could name it the Jordan Marks Award because everything it embodies, he is.” 

Selecting the finalists for the Great Lake awards was tough for the Canadians staff, but also a rewarding look back at the achievements of the squad and its players from throughout the season. The organization is proud to honour these players as members of the inaugural awards class and recognize their achievements throughout the year.