Ian Jordan to head to Cleveland after final GLC season

Entering his final season with the Great Lake Canadians program, Ian Jordan found his fit in Cleveland, Ohio, and will be heading off to Cuyahoga Community College when the summer comes to an end. 

The catcher from Stoney Creek made his commitment to Tri-C official in November, after two visits to the campus, finding a level of comfort in everything Challenger baseball had to offer. 

“I got invited to a camp at Cuyahoga and then I came back a few weeks later, and they wanted to assess me again and talk to me about the program,” Jordan said. “They wanted to know what I was interested in and what I was looking for, and then basically on the spot they offered me a scholarship to the school, and that’s how I ended up there…

“It was an easy decision, because of the connection between me, the coach, and the team, and the facility, and the school. Everything felt really comfortable. It’s a smaller school, and it really felt like home.” 

Though Jordan couldn’t pursue the field of study he originally hoped for at Cuyahoga, he is looking forward to exploring his options with the help of the school and its programming. 

“I wanted to go through their firefighter program, but unfortunately they can’t do that for me because I’m a student-athlete, with my time commitments,” Jordan said. “So they have a visual arts program that will help me open up my career choices, geared toward becoming a teacher and other things like that, so that’s probably what I’ll end up taking. Basically, you get to try a bunch of different subjects. I’m not sure what the courses are, because I haven’t really gone in-depth with it yet. But it allows an awareness of all the career choices.”

The level of comfort and familiarity that Jordan found at the Cleveland campus aided in his final decision, and helped to give him an added sense of confidence in his upcoming transition to college baseball. 

“I loved it,” he said. “I loved the way it felt when I was there, just like I was still with the GLC. They had a lot to offer me there, with the program and the school and everything like that.”  

One of the longest-standing members of the Canadians organization, the young backstop believes that the program has helped prepare him in the best way possible for the next level, and he can’t wait to utilize what he’s learned as he moves forward. 

“I’ve been with GLC for four years now,” Jordan said. “They’ve been preparing me for the next level for the last four years. They made me feel the better side of the college aspect of playing by doing their showcases, and seeing how all the coaches get you ready to play, and what they assess you on, and what they like to see you do. GLC made me a better player…

“I’ve come a long way in learning about baseball. They’ve taught me from the basics to what I need to go into college with, and if it weren’t for them I would be lost going into college. But now I’m excited.” 

The Great Lake staff is excited to see what Jordan can do as he continues his young career in the game, and knows that his effort and attitude will help him find success no matter where he is. 

“Ian’s awesome,” GLC director of baseball operations Chris Robinson said. “He works so hard. He’s a really blue-collar-type player. He’s going to be a successful player, and he’s going to be a successful kid, just because of his work ethic. 

“He might be one of the best defenders we’ve ever had here – natural defenders, as a catcher – and he’s very, very good at receiving the baseball. He throws well, and he’s come a long way in this program in terms of his defensive work. He’s been a real good example of guys who buy into the whole program and get out of it what they want because of that.” 

The Canadians are looking forward to having Jordan for one more Canadian Premier Baseball League season, and then to following and seeing what he can do at the next level. 

“He’s a very, very strong defensive catcher,” Robinson said. “He’s got some juice offensively too, and he’s going to continue to develop offensively and hit the ball out of the ballpark at the college level. He’s a solid catch-and-throw guy, and at any level a good defensive catcher is extremely valuable, and I see him being that. 

“I’ve seen him come a long way in terms of his leadership and presence on the field. He was a little bit shy coming in, and still is, which is completely okay, but he has a presence on the field which he’s developed in his time here and it’s neat to see.”